VIKON is a global supplier of Smart Condition Monitoring Solutions and Rotor Balancing for all kinds of machinery. We work closely together with End Customers and Machine Builders to develop cost-effective solutions for early fault detection and automated diagnosis. The solutions are also capable to take appropriate actions based on the Condition in order to optimize operation and maintenance to achieve the best possible Overall Equipment Effectiveness(OEE) and Asset Management(AM).

Our systems and products are found in more than 150 plants and service shops, in more than 20 countries worldwide. VIKON offers a wide selection of products, from sensors and cables to instruments and analysis tools for condition monitoring and rotor balancing.

Business idea
VIKON helps companies within the industry and machine manufacturers to eliminate downtime by developing, manufacturing and selling cost-effective, complete solutions for condition monitoring and balancing of rotating machines.

VIKON will have the most cost-effective solutions on the market when it comes to condition monitoring and balancing of rotating machines.

VIKON was founded in 1981 by Lars Ove Larsson who is the CTO and Olof Hedin is the CEO of the company.

VIKON consists of a limited number of dedicated persons who take responsibility of a wide range of operations. While the core business is kept in house, we have a network of consultants and subcontractors we use for manufacturing of our equipment and support during peaks in our production.

Business areas of the company
We work together with machine manufacturers to find the most cost-effective solutions for the end customers. It means the best ways to organize, set-up and commission installations of condition monitoring and balancing within a plant or a machine manufacturer's service organization. VIKON offers a wide range of services involving projecting, planning, specification of monitoring equipment, machine module development, technical support, operation services and operator training.

Areas where we have been particularly successful are condition monitoring, shop and field balancing of centrifuges and online monitoring of unbalance in draft induced fans.

Unique products
The software in our systems for condition monitoring are built on so-called Machine Modules. They are tailored for every specific machine make and contains instructions for automatic fault detection, diagnosis and calculation of rotor unbalance based on data collected during startup, operation and coasting down. Every machine module can be used on all machines of the same kind, and are continuously improved as new experiences are made on that kind of machine. Since the modules can be updated automatically through Internet, it means our solution is very cost effective.

Together with machine manufacturers that are selling our systems under their own brands, we can offer ready made machine modules for many existing types of machines. Among the companies we co-operate with can name Alfa Laval and Alstom Power, which means we can offer machine modules for high speed separators, decanter centrifuges and generator turbine systems.